Social Security

Social Security is a social insurance program that was signed into law in 1935. It was designed to benefit retirees, the disabled, survivors and the unemployed. Social Security is funded by individual and employer payroll taxes.

Programs like Social Security may help in retirement, but you may want to fill any potential gaps in your retirement income by investing in the Plan.

What does it mean to me?

Your participation in the Plan has no impact on your Social Security benefits. You may not want to rely fully on Social Security to support you financially in retirement, as benefits might not be enough to support your standard of living.

To find out how much you might receive from Social Security, you can use the Social Security Online Retirement Estimator. You can compare this estimate to your current income and project how much more you may need in retirement. Then, enroll in your retirement investment plan today to potentially fill the gap.

Get the help you need

Talk with your Account Executive if you have questions and to get started investing for your future.

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