Roth Contributions

Plan participants were permitted to make Roth deferral allocations beginning on July 8, 2011. Participants are required to call the HELPLINE to make deferral changes to include Roth contributions. To determine if Roth contributions may be right for you, use the Roth Analyzer Tool.

These changes cannot be currently made through the Plan’s Web site. This ability will be extended to the secure portion later in the year.

For employees of Participating Employers

Many local employers have indicated they are ready to process Roth contributions while others have declined or will be allowing them later on. If you want to defer some or all of your payroll deferrals to a Roth account, please call the HELPLINE who will be able to inform you if your employer is permitting Roth deferrals and to process your deferral allocation, if appropriate.

Roth Contribution Information

They're called Designated Roth Contributions (Roth Contributions). Some employers may choose not to offer this feature or need more time to adjust their payroll procedures. Deciding if you should designate any of your deferrals as Roth contributions can be complicated since many factors are involved. Please refer to our FAQ brochure, contact your Account Executive or the HELPLINE for further information.

The Plan also offers In-Plan Rollover conversions if the employer has elected to allow Roth Contributions.  Please read the In-Plan Roth Rollover brochure (PDF) and consult with your tax advisors before requesting an In-Plan Roth Rollover.

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