Tell a Friend About Your Plan for Retirement

Tell a Friend About Your Plan for Retirement

The most ringing and trusted endorsements of products or services often come from other satisfied customers. No matter how we may try to convince New York State employees that participating in the Plan may be easy, rewarding and a smart move – hearing it from you may be much more effective. Your positive experience in the Plan is the best recommendation we could receive. So please, Tell a Friend…

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About pre-tax contributions

Tell a Friend about the potential benefits of pre-tax payroll contributions to the Plan. With pre-tax contributions, a friend's take-home-pay may not be greatly impacted when investing for retirement. The Paycheck Impact Calculator may be a great way to show some hypothetical scenarios for how the bottom-line could be affected.

Enrolling in the Plan can be easy

Tell a Friend about your experience when joining the Plan, and how HELPLINE representatives made the enrollment process as easy as possible. You could also talk about your positive experiences with the Plan's Account Executives, and the help you've received from the Plan's investing, budgeting and retirement education seminars.

You are glad you didn't wait

You know how your Plan balance has potentially benefited from the power of time and compounding. Tell a Friend about how time could help retirement investments grow, and that starting as soon as possible is a smart move. Show a friend how their Plan balance could potentially grow over time with the Future Value Calculator.

As a participant in the Plan, you're taking steps to possibly prepare for a more secure retirement future. Based on your positive experiences with the Plan, you can Tell a Friend that now is the right time to begin preparing for their retirement future.

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