For Employers

The purpose of the Plan is to encourage public employees to make and continue careers by providing eligible employees with a convenient way to save on a regular and long-term basis and provide for their retirement.

The Plan is a voluntary retirement savings plan that provides quality investment options, investment educational programs and related services to help State and local public employees achieve their retirement savings goals.

The Plan can be easily adopted. You can:

  • Review the documents included in the Adoption Kit (PDF).
  • Call the HELPLINE at 1-800-422-8463 and an Account Executive will help you.
  • Or you may meet with an Account Executive to set up the Plan.

Already in the Plan?

There are several support items and publications that help employers administer the Plan to their employees including:

  1. Participant Education: Course Description (PDF) – Offers a series of educational seminars to assist participants in understanding and fully utilizing the Plan’s benefits.
  2. Administrative Guidelines (PDF) – Provides information on transmitting payroll deductions and gives helpful definitions and information about the Plan.
  3. Administrative Manual (PDF) – Describes the administrative procedures the Plan’s Administrative Service Agency follows in performing services for the Plan.
  4. Plan Document (PDF) – Details the benefits and administrative procedures of the Plan.
  5. Rules and Regulations (PDF) – Provides the governance structure of the Plan.

PDFs require Adobe® Reader®

Get the help you need

If you need additional assistance, call your Account Executive or the HELPLINE.

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