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You will only receive a 2023 1099r if you withdrew or rolled out funds from your account, defaulted on a loan or converted pre-tax funds to Roth in the year 2023. 2023 1099rs were mailed from our custodial bank (Bank of New York Mellon) prior to 1/31/2024. As a result, the 1099r will be in a Bank of New York Mellon envelope.

What you should know about Form 1099-R

Form 1099-R is an IRS tax document that the Plan must distribute when there is a taxable event on your account. The form provides you and the federal government with information on benefits paid and amounts withheld for federal income tax.

Per IRS regulations, tax documents (including 1099-Rs) must be mailed by January 31 each year. We recommend waiting at least 10 business days after January 31 before requesting a reprint.

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